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Managing wild yeast proactively at your brewery

Sample to results in under 4 hours

brewDEK and brewBRUX are powered by Veriflow – a gamechanging platform technology that combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection and innovative, first-in-class scientific approaches.

Naturally-occurring wild yeast is innately challenging to manage in the process of making beer. The use of wild yeast detection tools, powered by Veriflow, enables early and rapid detection of these microbes in order to intervene quickly and produce a consistent, quality, flavorful brew every time.

Benefits of implementing proactive wild yeast quality management

  • Sample to result in under 4 hours
  • Early detection minimizes negative impacts on beer flavor and quality
  • Simple and cost efficient deployment
  • Leverages the brewPAL Veriflow equipment and process

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Wild Yeast Charts

Knowledge of the presence of wild yeast is critical to ensure consistency and quality.

Whether you're using Dekkera/Brettanomyces species in your intentionally inoculated brands or protecting your "clean" ones – early detection provides brewers the opportunity to manage and produce a consistent, quality, flavorful brew every time.

Why brewDEK

  • Accurate and sensitive to the spectrum of wild yeast species that naturally occur in the brewing environment

Why brewBRUX

  • Targeted measurement of Brettanomyces bruxellensis for consistent levels when desired in select brews
  • Reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Sample to Result in Under 4 Hours


Collect a homogenous sample and centrifuge. Resuspend sample using provided proprietary Buffer A.


Transfer resuspended sample into provided DIGEST reagent tube. Place tube into Thermocycler and run program


Transfer sample from DIGEST reagent tube into provided PCR reagent tube. Place tube into Thermocycler and run program.


Remove PCR Tube from Thermocycler and add proprietary Buffer B. Dispense PCR Tube contents onto test cassette window. Wait 3 minutes and retract test cassette switch to reveal test results. One line indicates negative result, two lines indicates semi-quantitative positive results. Use Signal Quantification Card or Veriflow Reader for precise quantification.


Simple and Cost Efficient Deployment at the Brewery

The Veriflow system is comprised of a small customized thermocycler, pre-aliquoted PCR reagent tubes, and proprietary buffers. Semiquantitative results are obtained in less than 4 hours via hand-held disposable cassettes.

Piko Thermocycler

brewBRUX™ and brewDEK™ for Wild Yeast Catalog

brewDEK Complete Test Kit

Cat No. IS1028

Description Includes: Mastermix Reagents, Cassettes, Buffers, Digest Tubes

Size 1 Kit, 24 Tests

brewBRUX Complete Test Kit

Cat No. IS1022

Description Includes: Mastermix Reagents, Cassettes, Buffers, Digest Tube

Size 1 Kit, 24 Tests

brewPAL Complete Test System

Cat No. IS1020

Description Includes: Mastermix Reagents, Cassettes, Buffers

Size 1 Kit, 24 Tests

Veriflow Reader

Cat No. ISRD001

Description Provides quantitative results for brewPAL cassettes and allows for tracking and export of data.

Size 1 Unit

Veriflow Thermocycler

Cat No. ISTC002

Description The pre-programmed IS Thermocycler provides rapid cycling times with a small footprint.

Size 1 Unit

Veriflow Loading Tray

Cat No. IS0904

Description Specially designed to hold up to 24 test cassettes and PCR reagent tubes for organization and easier transportation when running multiple samples.

Size 1 Unit

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