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Game-changing Detection of Pediococcus and Lactobacillus

Proven Platform Delivers Speed, Accuracy, and Sensitivity

brewPAL is powered by Veriflow – a game-changing platform technology that combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection and innovative, first-in-class scientific approaches.

Veriflow technology offers unparalleled performance combined with ease-of-use and is utilized for rapid detection of microbes in various sample types. The technology is AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection and has been widely adopted by food manufacturers, global 3rd party testing labs, and more recently, by premium wineries.

brewPAL was developed specifically for the brewing industry and has been validated and implemented by a variety of award winning, quality-centric breweries across the United States.

  • Sample to result in under 3 hours
  • Accurate, sensitive, and specific to beer spoilers
  • Simple and cost efficient deployment
  • Quantitative and actionable results
  • Reliable detection at any stage of brewing
  • Robust assay compatible with all styles of beer

Download the brewPAL Product Brochure

Download the Wild Yeast Product Brochure

brewPAL, Powered by Veriflow® Video brewPAL™ specifications

Improve Quality Processes to Ensure the Integrity of Your Brand

brewPAL is the only Pediococcus and Lactobacillus detection tool with proven accuracy, unmatched ease of use, and quantitative test data available in less than 3 hours from sample collection – providing actionable results that enable you to optimize your quality processes.

  • Prevents processing, bottling, and shipping at risk
  • Allows traceability to the point of contamination
  • Reduces the risk of further contamination
  • Protects against recall of tainted beer
  • Protects your brewery’s brand image



"“brewPAL is robust enough to detect Pediococcus and Lactobacillus, even in high bio-mass samples like yeast slurries that may be re-used for multiple generations and brews.“

– Mike Guilford, Brewer/QA&QC
Russian River Brewing Co.

Bright Tanks

Bright Tanks

“We love using brewPAL to test bright tanks before firing up the canning line so we can avoid wasting valuable time and packaging materials on a product that will never be sold. Turnaround time for results is so quick, we have answers before the beer is carbonated.”

– Todd Crowell, Head Brewer
KettleHouse Brewing Co.



“Earlier detection in the brewing process allows for effective remediation steps. brewPAL can pinpoint problematic bacteria even before high krausen of fermentation is reached.”

– Zachary Miller, Quality Lab Tech.
Victory Brewing Co.

Packaged Product

Packaged Product

“As a definitive quality assurance assay with the high sensitivity you need to ensure your beer is free of spoilage bacteria, brewPAL is peace of mind against a potential recall situation.”

– Chris Reilly, QA/QC Lab Manager
Weyerbacher Brewing Co.



“brewPAL is great at identifying problem areas at the brewery. It provides clear and rapid evidence of bacterial contamination so we can implement cleaning specifically where we need it most – saving everyone time in the process.”

– Franklin Winslow, QA Director
Yards Brewing Co.

Sample to Result in Under 3 Hours


Collect sample and centrifuge. Resuspend sample using provided proprietary Buffer A.


Transfer 5 μl of resuspended sample into provided PCR reagent tube. Place tube into Thermocycler and run program.


Remove PCR Tube from Thermocycler and add proprietary Buffer B. Dispense PCR Tube contents onto test cassette window. Wait 3 minutes and retract test cassette switch to reveal test results. One line indicates negative result, two lines indicates semi-quantitative positive results.


Simple and Cost Efficient Deployment at the Brewery

The system is comprised of a small, customized thermocycler, pre-aliquoted PCR reagent tubes, and buffers. Semi-quantitative results are obtained in less than 3 hours via hand-held disposable cassettes, and quantitative results can be tracked, stored, and exported via the Veriflow Reader.

brewPAL is ideally suited for both high volume and craft brewers – with a modest capital investment and affordable per-test cost. Sample collection and prep is simple, and can be completed by brewery staff with minimal training.

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Piko Thermocycler

brewPAL™ for Pediococcus and Lactobacillus Catalog

brewDEK Complete Test Kit

Cat No. IS1028

Description Includes: Mastermix Reagents, Cassettes, Buffers, Digest Tubes

Size 1 Kit, 24 Tests

brewBRUX Complete Test Kit

Cat No. IS1022

Description Includes: Mastermix Reagents, Cassettes, Buffers, Digest Tube

Size 1 Kit, 24 Tests

brewPAL Complete Test System

Cat No. IS1020

Description Includes: Mastermix Reagents, Cassettes, Buffers

Size 1 Kit, 24 Tests

Veriflow Reader

Cat No. ISRD001

Description Provides quantitative results for brewPAL cassettes and allows for tracking and export of data.

Size 1 Unit

Veriflow Thermocycler

Cat No. ISTC002

Description The pre-programmed IS Thermocycler provides rapid cycling times with a small footprint.

Size 1 Unit

Veriflow Loading Tray

Cat No. IS0904

Description Specially designed to hold up to 24 test cassettes and PCR reagent tubes for organization and easier transportation when running multiple samples.

Size 1 Unit

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