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Wine Beer industry

On-site PCR testing for spoilage organisms that can impact wine quality

vinoPAL combines proven diagnostic principles with innovative, proprietary PCR technology to enable accurate, rapid, and early detection of Pediococcus and Lactobacillus species at the winery.

High levels of some Lactobacillus strains can rapidly produce acetic acid or diacetyl, especially during sluggish fermentation.

These volatile compounds can have unintended negative impact on wine aroma, flavor and texture. Some species of Pediococcus are capable of producing byproducts that cause undesired texture defects, or generating biogenic amines. Methods for avoiding wine spoilage are not clear-cut, so early detection of unwanted organisms provides winemakers the opportunity to control the problem and mitigate damaging effects.


vinoPAL analysis

DNA Signature Capturing Technology

DNA Amplification Proprietary reagents eliminate need for sample purification

DNA Identification Proprietary DNA signature detection specifically targeting Pediococcus and Lactobacillus

Visualization of Results Vertical flow mediated visualization of results for easy interpretation via hand-held cassette

Sample Preparation No enrichment or purification steps required

Certification AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection

Current Utilization Food and juice manufacturers, premium wineries, craft breweries; global 3rd party testing labs; U.S. and international

vinoPAL Performance Specifications

Sensitivity (LOD) 10-100 cfu/mL

Time to results < 3 hours

Matrix compatibility Wine, colony PCR, enrichment broth

Assay configuration Qualitative and quantitative

Target selection Ribosomal Deoxyribonucleic Acid (rDNA) gene

Specificity Lactobacillus species: L. fructivorans, L. backii, L. brevis, L. buchneri, L. hilgardii, L. kunkeei, L. lindneri, L. mali, L. nagelii, L. oeni, L. paracollinoides, L. rhamnosus, L. vini

Pediococcus species: P. damnosus, P. inopinatus, P. pentosaceus


Proactive Management Can Prevent Costly Remediation, and Preserve Quality and Value

Benefits of Implementing vinoPAL
  • Affordable, on-site analysis in less than 3 hours
  • Accurate and sensitive to the species of Pediococcus and Lactobacillus commonly found in wine
  • Early detection minimizes negative impacts on wine
  • Sample prep is simple, with minimal training required
  • Leverages the vinoBRETT quality management platform equipment

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Results in Under 3 Hours - with Less Than 10 Minutes Hands-on Time


Collect a homogenous sample and centrifuge. Resuspend sample using provided proprietary Buffer A.


Transfer 5 ul of resuspended sample into provided PCR reagent tube. Place tube into Thermocycler and run program.


Remove PCR Tube from Thermocycler and add proprietary Buffer B. Dispense PCR Tube contents onto test cassette window. Wait 3 minutes and retract test cassette switch to reveal test results. One line indicates negative result, two lines indicates semi-quantitative positive results.


Simple and Cost Efficient Deployment at the Winery

The system is comprised of a small,
customized thermocycler, pre-aliquoted
 PCR reagent tubes, and proprietary buffers. Semi-quantitative results are obtained in 
less than 4 hours via hand-held disposable 
cassettes, and quantitative results can be
 tracked, stored, and exported via the Veriflow Reader.

vinoBRETT is ideally suited for proactive Pediococcus and Lactobacillus management at the winery– with a modest capital investment and affordable per-test cost. Sample collection and prep is simple, and can be completed by winery staff with minimal training.

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Piko Thermocycler

vinoPAL™ for Pediococcus and Lactobacillus Catalog

Veriflow® vinoPAL Complete Test System

Cat No. IS1033

Description Includes: Veriflow® vinoPAL Mastermix Reagents, Veriflow® BRETT Cassettes, Buffer A, Buffer B

Size 24 Tests

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