Invisible Sentinel’s Test for Wine-Spoilage Microbe to be Distributed by Enartis in Multiple Markets Globally

September 22, 2014  •  Press Release

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life-sciences company that develops rapid diagnostics for the food and beverage industries, announced today that its first-in-class Veriflow® BRETT assay will be distributed under a non-exclusive agreement by Enartis, a global provider of specialty winemaking products and services.

Enartis, an Esseco Group company headquartered in Trecate, Italy, will distribute Veriflow® BRETT to winemakers in California and other global markets for their own in-winery use in quality-assurance testing. The assay detects and measures levels of Brettanomyces bruxellensis in wine.

Additionally, Enartis’ Windsor, CA based US subsidiary, Enartis Vinquiry, has adopted Veriflow® BRETT for use in its Central Coast laboratories as they provide testing services to winemakers in the region. The decision by Enartis Vinquiry to adopt Veriflow® BRETT follows its own validation studies of the assay.

Nick Siciliano, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Invisible Sentinel, commented:
“Invisible Sentinel continues to expand its market reach in North America and beyond. We are especially pleased to be working with Enartis International and Enartis Vinquiry, which have established a strong reputation for helping winemakers maintain consistently high production standards.”

Samuele Benelli, International Business Director of Enartis, added: “Veriflow® BRETT offers rapid and convenient testing for microbial levels that need to be carefully monitored. Veriflow® BRETT perfectly fits in our offer to diagnose, prevent and cure Brettanomyces in wine, especially after our global launch of EnartisStab Micro, a specialty CODEX product that eliminates this spoilage yeast and its effects. Our agreement with Invisible Sentinel is another example of our commitment to providing winemakers specialty products and services that are state of the art.”

Enartis and Enartis Vinquiry are part of the Esseco Group Srl, Trecate, Italy, which manufactures high-quality sulfur-based chemicals and provides specialty products and services to the wine-making industry.

Veriflow® assays are also available directly from Invisible Sentinel. For ordering information or quotations, please email or call the Invisible Sentinel customer-service team at 215-966-6118.

About Invisible Sentinel
Invisible Sentinel is the inventor of Veriflow® technology, a patented, molecular flow-based technology that draws from the company’s core competencies in molecular diagnostics, antibody design, and immunoassays. Veriflow® test kits are finding applications across multiple industries. Invisible Sentinel helps the food industry to detect foodborne pathogens. The company works with winemakers and beer artisans to cost-effectively improve the quality of their products. And it can apply Veriflow® technology to challenges in other industries, too, designing custom solutions for healthcare, veterinary services, biodefense, and environmental testing. Each solution is specific, but each retains the inherent advantages of Veriflow® technology—it’s simple, accessible, and affordable.

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About Enartis and Enartis Vinquiry
Enartis is a world leader in premium enological coadjuncts, designed to be of the highest quality and reliability. Enartis exceeds the traditional concept of the winemaking product; this allows integration of its yeasts, nutrients, enzymes, tannins, polysaccharides, gums and other materials into specific application strategies and protocols, together with a knowledgeable technical support. With tailored solutions and subsidiaries on six continents, Enartis meets the needs of winemakers worldwide.

Enartis Vinquiry is the US subsidiary of Enartis. Besides carrying the Enartis winemaking product line, the company provides analytical services to the wine and beverage industry. Enartis Vinquiry’s Windsor laboratory has ISO 17025:2005 accreditation which verifies the high quality of analytical services and has full-service laboratories with all of the equipment wineries need to supplement their in-house analysis. Not only does the company perform basic chemistry tests, but it is able to carry out specialized analyses such as microbiological spoilage, TCA detection, fining trials, stability tests, the Adams Assay, smoke taint analysis, distilled beverage testing and many more.

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