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Aspergillus Ventures in the Cannabis and Hemp Industries and Beyond

July 6, 2020  •  Media / Article

Once a budding industry, now the winds of change have pollinated it to new areas. The legalization of cannabis in many states in the US, and countries around the world, has created a new market place for rapid microbial detection methods in the cannabis matrix.

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Heineken opens $100m Mozambique brewery: ‘The beer market has great potential to grow’

March 14, 2019  •  Media / Article

Heineken has officially opened its first brewery in Mozambique: a ‘major step’ for the company in the country.

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Why a French firm bought Philly’s Invisible Sentinel and what it means for the world’s food safety

February 18, 2019  •  Media / Article

After years of admiration from afar and a three-month courtship, France’s BioMérieux decided to acquire West Philly start-up Invisible Sentinel for $75 million.

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Invisible Sentinel to present results of an environmental study of Veriflow® Campy Q assay in poultry processing at the International Association of Food Protection Conference

July 9, 2017  •  Media / Article

Invisible Sentinel will be presenting at the 2017 International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Conference in Tampa, Florida, from July 9th through July 12th. Invisible Sentinel will present a poster summarizing the resuts from an environmental study utilizing a newly developed Veriflow DNA Signature Capture assay platform for the rapid detection of Campylobacter species from boot swab samples.

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New data demonstrating the accuracy and specificity of novel DNA Signature Capturing technology for pathogen detection in poultry processing

May 31, 2017  •  Media / Article

In 2016, Salmonella and Campylobacter were the leading causes of foodborne diseases according to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, Press Release, April 20, 2017). Accurate and reliable detection of these pathogens during poultry processing is critical in order to prevent contamination of the food supply.

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Brett 101, And The Tool Winemakers Don’t Know They Need (Yet)

February 18, 2016  •  Media / Article


Every so often a new idea passes my desk that’s promising and still under the radar. Sometimes it’s a vineyard management tool, sometimes it’s a fresh communication strategy, and sometimes it’s been an environmental or social initiative that sparks a broader impact.

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Salisbury High grad's biotech company part of food safety revolution

February 16, 2016  •  Media / Article

The Morning Call

As Weyerbacher Brewing increases production, quality control lab manager Chris Reilly has a growing concern.

Not only must each bottle of the Easton craft brewer's popular Blithering Idiot English barley wine pack a sweet, malty punch, but it also must consistently pack the same sweet, malty punch its fans have come to expect.

Nothing can ruin that faster than a few unwanted, lactic-acid producing bacteria.

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Food Testing Start-Up Looks to Stand Out With a New Wrinkle

February 8, 2016  •  Media / Article

The New York Times

Nothing unnerves consumers more and drives them away from a restaurant, food or beverage faster than a flurry of headlines about people being sickened by dreaded bacteria like E. coli or listeria.

Just ask Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has been scrambling to recover from a multistate E. coli outbreak that drove the company’s stock down more than 40 percent and has resulted in a class-action lawsuit.

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Keeping Brettanomyces at bay using Veriflow BRETT

January 5, 2016  •  Media / Article

Food Technology News

Villa Maria has been an early adopter in New Zealand of the Veriflow BRETT diagnostic platform for ascertaining the microbial presence of Brettanomyces in wine. Villa Maria Group Chief Winemaker Nick Picone says that while Brettanomyces cannot currently be eradicated, the key is finding it, isolating it and then dealing with it before it spoils wine.

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Why brewers are testing beer for bacterial infections

May 29, 2015  •  Media / Article


It’s a feeling I hope you never experience: You crack open an ice cold beer after a long day, take a sip expecting the familiar hoppy, bubbly goodness to hit your taste buds, and instead, you get a mouthful of flat, acrid sludge.

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Spoiled rotten: how breweries are trying to spot bad beer through DNA

April 27, 2015  •  Media / Article

The Verge

Standing beneath a massive, stainless steel tank that regularly holds 100 barrels worth of beer, it’s hard to imagine how something smaller than a human hair could mean tossing all of it out. Yet the tiny bacteria that could turn this brew into an acrid, undrinkable slop are lurking all around us, entirely invisible to the naked eye. These microbes are both a brewer’s best friend and worst nightmare.

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Invisible Sentinel’s New Technology Makes On-site BRETT Detection a Reality

March 20, 2015  •  Media / Article

The SOMM Journal

Check out the article in The SOMM Journal highlighting Invisible Sentinel’s Veriflow BRETT.

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The New York Times’ Business Day Interviews Ben Pascal on Travel

March 2, 2015  •  Media / Article

The New York Times

Embrace the adventure, and find an even keel.

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Fast Company’s Co-Founder Showcases Invisible Sentinel’s Technology

February 27, 2015  •  Media / Article

Fast Company

This New Food Safety Gadget Works Like A Pregnancy Test One line, and your food is safe. Two—and you’re in trouble. Read the full article here.

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Victory and Invisible Sentinel Team Up To Detect Bacteria That Can Spoil Beer’s Taste

September 9, 2014  •  Media / Article

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The list is long of the perfect accompaniments to beer: hot dogs, pizza, peanuts, and pretzels, to name just a few.

Most definitely not on that list: pediococcus and lactobacillus. Consider them beer buzzkills.

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Invisible Sentinel and Jackson Family Wines Bring Wine-Quality Test to Worldwide Market

May 5, 2014  •  Media / Article

Market Wired

Veriflow® BRETT Now Validated in Laboratories and Wineries for Same-Day Detection of Brettanomyces

PHILADELPHIA, PA and SANTA ROSA, CA–(Marketwired) – Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life-sciences company that develops and manufactures molecular diagnostics, and Jackson Family Wines, the international wine company based in Sonoma County, announced today the commercialization of a first-in-class test to detect Brettanomyces in wine.

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Invisible Sentinel Congratulates Paul Touhey on His Receipt of Pennsylvania BIO’s Leadership Award

March 10, 2014  •  Media / Article

Market Wired

PHILADELPHIA, PA–(Marketwired) – Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life-sciences company that develops rapid diagnostics for the food and beverage industries, congratulates Paul Touhey, the company’s Executive Chairman, on his receipt of Pennsylvania BIO’s Hubert J.P. Schoemaker Leadership Award.

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