Introducing Veriflow®
The Power of Molecular Diagnostics in the Palm of Your Hand®

Veriflow® is our patented, AOAC approved DNA Signature Capturing Technology — a first-in-class platform delivering diagnostic solutions across multiple industries. Veriflow® test kits minimize sample preparation, speed time to results, and provide easy-to-interpret data.  LEARN MORE

Food Safety
Wine/Beer Quality
Custom Solutions
Food Safety

Veriflow® AOAC approved products help manufacturers and government regulators keep the global food supply safe.

Veriflow® Food Safety Products
Wine/Beer Quality

Veriflow® is the next generation in powerful diagnostic tools to help winemakers and beer artisans cost-effectively improve the quality of their products.

Veriflow® Wine & Beer Products
Custom Solutions

We excel at developing customized Veriflow® assays that streamline clients' testing processes and reduce costs.

Veriflow® Custom Solutions


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