Veriflow® game-changing microbial detection platform

Veriflow is a robust, highly accurate, and user-friendly molecular detection system using DNA Signature Capturing Technology for the rapid detection of target organisms in challenging food and beverage matrices, environmental samples, and clinical samples.

The system is robust and accurate, minimizes sample preparation, delivers rapid actionable results, and provides easy-to-interpret data for the end user. The system can handle the complexities of challenging matrices, and deliver specific, actionable, and accurate results every time. Uniquely designed for easy, practical use, Invisible Sentinel’s proprietary technology represents a new standard for rigorous quality control. This technology enables early action at critical control points to increase confidence in product quality and brand integrity.


Exceptional accuracy

DNA Signature Capturing Technology is the proprietary combination of buffers, reagents and enzymes that enable DNA amplification and identification of target organism DNA without the need for sample purification. This combination of elements eliminates the risk of interference from inhibitors which may be present in the sample, delivering a highly sensitive and accurate results in dozens of challenging matrices.


Simplified workflow

The Veriflow system is easily deployed onsite, with less than 30 minutes of hands-on time per sample. An equally important feature of the technology is the ability to easily interpret test results.  The technology platform enables visualization of results on a simple, handheld disposable cassette.  This method eliminates the need for software algorithms and complex optical equipment for data interpretation.


Rapid results

Veriflow delivers the fastest time to results in the market. Unlike traditional microbial testing methods with multi-step enrichment processes, cumbersome sample preparation, long turn-around times - Veriflow results are ready in hours, not days. Timely onsite detection allows food, beer and wine producers to identify problems early, take corrective action, and prevent wide-spread contamination.



Capital equipment requirements for the system are modest. The system uses a compact table-top thermocycler, along with standard equipment already in place in most quality labs such as micro-pipettes, and a centrifuge (for wine and beer assays) or heating block (for food safety assays). The core technology is adaptable to a range of customer needs in a variety of industries including high-throughput processes, target organism quantification, and data capture and storage.

Key benefits

  • Robust molecular detection in both simple and complex matrices
  • Unsurpassed reliability and accuracy across a wide spectrum of microbes
  • Reduced hold times to eliminate the need to ship product at risk
  • Simple workflow with little hands-on time
  • Instrumentation flexibility including a low cost-of-entry equipment option
DNA Signature Capturing Technology
Veriflow DNA Signature Capturing Technology
DNA AmplificationProprietary reagents eliminate need for sample purification
DNA IdentificationProprietary DNA signature detection specifically identifies target organisms
Sample PreparationStreamlined or no enrichment, depending on the assay
No purification steps required
Visualization of ResultsProprietary vertical flow mediated visualization of results for easy interpretation

Invisible Sentinel technology is protected by one or more of the following U.S. patents: #8,012,770, #8,183,059, #8,476,082, #9,341,624, and #9,347,938.