Game-changing suite of detection tools

Empowering a proactive approach to quality at your brewery

Product quality is essential to ensuring brand integrity

You take every precaution to maintain the quality of your brews – and test as you go to ensure your standards are met. One major challenge is the lack of immediate, accurate and actionable test information throughout the brewing process. Traditional testing methods are limited by wait times and inconclusive results, and molecular methods are expensive and complex. Addressing spoilage organisms in real-time is critical to avoid facility contamination, product holds, or shipping beer at risk.

Proven platform delivers accuracy, speed, and sensitivity

Invisible Sentinel’s beer products are powered by Veriflow - a game-changing platform technology that combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection and innovative, first-in-class scientific approaches. Veriflow technology is AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection. The brew suite of products was developed specifically for the brewing industry and has been validated and implemented by a variety of award-winning, quality-centric breweries around the world.

Integrates easily throughout the brewing process

Invisible Sentinel’s product portfolio for the brewing industry provides onsite detection of spoilage organisms at any stage of production and in any style of beer. Veriflow technology offers unparalleled performance with no compromise in ease-of-use or affordability.


Detect organisms even in high bio-mass samples like yeast slurries


Pinpoint problematic bacteria even before high krausen of fermentation can be reached

Bright tanks

Bright tanks
Verify beer quality before wasting valuable time and packaging materials

Packaged product

Packaged product
Provide a definitive quality assurance measure before product release


Identify bacterial contamination to implement targeted hygiene protocols

Broad product portfolio targeting a spectrum of microbes

The broad portfolio of detection tools available from Invisible Sentinel can be used in multiple applications and styles of beer. Each product in the portfolio targets a detrimental beer spoiler that, if undetected during production, can impact product quality and brand reputation. They all utilize the same Veriflow Thermocycler and streamlined workflow.

ProductTargetBenefits of Using the Product
brewPALFor Hop-Resistant Pediococcus and Lactobacillus“brewPAL is robust enough to detect Pediococcus and Lactobacillus, even in high bio-mass samples like yeast slurries that may be re-used for multiple generations and brews.“

Mike Guilford, Production Manager, Russian River Brewing Company
brewLAPFor Lactic Acid- Producing Microbes“Bringing the brewPAL and brewLAP microbial detection system into our brewery is one of the best purchases we have made for our quality assurance testing program. The ability to detect lactic acid bacteria is very important to us in all of the beverages we produce, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Having data in a timely fashion allows for better decision making, resulting in improved quality, and less loss.”

Rebecca Brandenburg, Director of Quality, The Lion Brewery, Inc.
brewDEKFor Brettanomyces/ Dekkera species“We use Invisible Sentinel’s tests in our yeast management system as a critical process control point. Since we have wild and sour beers onsite, along with multiple yeast strains, the speed of the assay allows us to quickly and efficiently monitor our production flow so we can detect any potential cross-contamination as early as possible.”

Eli Kolodny, QA/QC Manager, Odell Brewing Company
brewBRUXFor Brettanomyces Bruxellensis“We really enjoy how fast and accurate the brewBRUX test helps us determine the presence of Brettanomyces in our spirit barrel-aged brands and barrel-aged blends. It gives us confidence in our ability to manage wild yeast before blending and packaging these carefully-crafted brews.”

Rick Blankemeier, Director of Brewing Operations, Modern Times Beer
brewMAPFor Megasphaera and Pectinatus“Traditional micro methods for plating Megasphaera and Pectinatus can take days to weeks, which is impractical for both quality assurance purposes and the quality control of our beer. We have implemented brewMAP into our routine testing protocol in low alcohol/IBU brands alongside brewPAL to ensure our beer is free of these serious beer spoilers before it leaves the brewery.”

Drew Russey, PhD, Laboratory Manager, Saint Arnold Brewing Company
brewSTATFor Saccharomyces Diastaticus“Early and accurate detection of Saccharomyces diastaticus is integral to avoid unintended secondary fermentation, but more importantly for brand management and the end consumer’s safety. Differentiating this wild yeast from typical brewing yeast is a challenge with traditional methods, and PCR methods can help provide a sensitive and conclusive means for identifying an issue before it’s too late.”

Christopher O’Connor, Director of Quality/Technical Brewing Sleeping Giant Brewing Company