The power of molecular diagnostics in the palm of your hand

Veriflow® represents a new, ultra sensitive and user-friendly class of diagnostics: DNA Signature Capturing Technology for the rapid detection of target analytes from complex environmental samples.

The patented Veriflow® system combines the sensitivity of real-time PCR tests with the ease of use associated with vertical-flow-based diagnostics. The result is an effective and rapid system that minimizes sample preparation, speeds time to results, and provides easy-to-interpret data for the end user.

The food and beverage industries have been the first markets the Company has served, but its platform technology has the potential to provide valuable tools for additional industries including healthcare, veterinary services, biodefense, and environmental testing, where rapid detection of target analytes from unrefined samples is critical. Uniquely designed for easy, practical use, Invisible Sentinel’s proprietary diagnostic products promise to create a new standard for rigorous quality control.

Veriflow Technology Overview

DNA Signature Capturing Technology

Veriflow DNA Signature Capturing Technology combines innovative approaches based on conventional scientific principles and methodologies.

  • DNA amplification

    • Proprietary enzymes designed to be robust and resistant to inhibition

    • Amplification without sensitivity to environmental inhibitors in the samples

    • Eliminates need for sample purification required by more sensitive enzymes

  • DNA identification

    • Uses unique signature detection system to capture amplified DNA

    • Does not use optical detection which has inherent limitations

    • Eliminates need to “cleanup” sample to avoid interference with optical sensors

  • Visualization of results

    • Modifies the physics and materials that mediate flow in the cassette

    • Enables intact DNA to flow through capillaries and successfully reach final test line

    • Provides readout of the results in a handheld cassette

Advantages Of The First DNA Signature Capturing Technology

Advantages Over Lateral-Flow Technology

  • Yields results in 3 minutes post sample addition
  • Eliminates back-flow reducing false positive rate
  • Provides higher sensitivity resulting in lower limit of detection
  • Detects molecular signatures allowing for higher specificity

Advantages Over RT-PCR Technology

  • No ambiguous results – one line negative, two lines positive
  • No DNA purification or cumbersome sampling steps
  • Minimal training
  • Easy deployment

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