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Delivering results for
Alicyclobacillus in under 3 hours

Alicyclobacillus (ACB) species are non-pathogenic spoilage bacteria found in the fruit juice and beverage industries. These microorganisms are resistant to low pH environments and thermal processing (pasteurization), which presents quality concerns for processors due to the production of off flavors and odors in contaminated products.

Traditional ACB testing methods are dated and limited by wait times and the inconclusive results of plating, or the expense and complexity of conventional molecular technologies. These limitations make it impossible to address these spoilage organisms in real-time – and can result in facility contamination, production inefficiencies and holds or shipping product at risk.

Veriflow ACB is the only Alicyclobacillus tool with proven accuracy, minimal sample preparation and quantitation of results in less than 3 hours from sample collection – providing actionable results that enable you to optimize your quality processes.

Veriflow® for Alicyclobacillus Product Brochure

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Eliminates the need for culturing or bacterial enrichment


Accelerates release of raw material and final product


Prevents processing, bottling and shipping at risk


Fast time to results allows traceability to the point of contamination

Proven platform delivers speed, accuracy and sensitivity

The Veriflow ACB system is part of the Veriflow suite of tests, a game changing technology that combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection and innovative first-in-class scientific approaches.

Veriflow technology offers unparalleled performance combined with ease of use and is utilized for rapid detection of microbes in various sample types. The technology is AOAC certified for foodborne pathogen detection and has been widely adopted by food manufacturers, global 3rd party testing labs and more recently by premium wineries and breweries.

Veriflow ACB was developed specifically for the beverage industries and has been validated and implemented by major quality conscious juice producers.

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Collect 5 mL sample and transfer to 20 mL dH2O. Centrifuge and decant sample. Resuspend sample using provided proprietary buffer ACB.



Transfer 50 µL of resuspended sample into 1.5 mL tube and vortex. Add 5 µL of sample into provided PCR reagent tube. Place tube into thermocycler and run program.


Remove PCR tube from thermocycler and add proprietary Buffer B. Dispense PCR tube contents onto test cassette window. Wait 3 minutes and retract cassette switch to reveal test results. One line indicates negative results, two lines indicate positive results.


Simple and Cost Efficient Deployment at Your Facility

The system is comprised of a small,
customized thermocycler, pre-aliquoted
 PCR reagent tubes, and proprietary buffers. Semi-quantitative results are obtained in 
less than 3 hours via hand-held disposable 
cassettes, and quantitative results can be
 tracked, stored, and exported via the Veriflow Reader.

Veriflow® ACB is ideally suited for rapid Alicyclobacillus detection– with a modest capital investment and affordable per-test cost. Sample collection and prep is simple, and can be completed by quality team members with minimal training.

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Veriflow® for Alicyclobacillus Catalog

Veriflow® ACB Complete Test System

Cat No. IS1024

Description Includes: Veriflow® ACB Mastermix Reagents, Veriflow® ACB Cassettes, 1.5 ml Sample Tubes


Veriflow Reader

Cat No. ISRD001

Description Provides quantitative results for brewPAL cassettes and allows for tracking and export of data.

Size 1 Unit

Veriflow Thermocycler

Cat No. ISTC002

Description The pre-programmed IS Thermocycler provides rapid cycling times with a small footprint.

Size 1 Unit

Veriflow Loading Tray

Cat No. IS0904

Description Specially designed to hold up to 24 test cassettes and PCR reagent tubes for organization and easier transportation when running multiple samples.

Size 1 Unit

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