Protect your brand with the most robust detection tools in the food industry

High stakes in food protection call for faster and more robust tools

Substantial pressures on food manufacturers require a paradigm change in food safety and quality monitoring programs. Today’s food safety testing rapid methods are limited by several factors – high capital costs, multi-step enrichments, cumbersome sample preparation, and unreliable, inaccurate results. These limitations can cause a cascade of significant issues including facility cross-contamination, production inefficiencies, recalls, loss of brand value and even litigation.

Proven platform delivers accuracy, speed, and sensitivity

The Veriflow suite of food protection tools is powered by game-changing technology designed specifically for the food safety industry, utilizing proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection in an accessible format for streamlined onsite testing. The robust platform performs at the highest levels of accuracy in even the most challenge food matrices, with simplified sample preparation and user-friendly workflow. Veriflow technology is AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection and has been widely adopted by food manufacturers and global 3rd party testing labs.

Challenging matrices require robust and accurate detection technology

The Veriflow system has been validated on over 70 different foods, raw materials and surfaces. The system has demonstrated robust specificity and sensitivity without the need for complex and time-consuming sample preparation.

Food Contamination Testing for Spices


Food Pathogen Testing for Nutraceuticals


Food Protection Testing for Confectionary


Food Safety Testing for Ciders & Juices

Ciders & Juices

Food Lab Detection for Nut butters

Nut butters

Food Pathogen Testing for Carcass rinsates

Carcass rinsates

Food Protection Testing for Seafood


Food Safety Testing for Purees


Broad product portfolio targeting a spectrum of microbes

Extensive testing was conducted on all Veriflow assays to demonstrate the sensitivity of each product. The Veriflow portfolio of microbial detection tests perform at the highest levels of accuracy with zero reported false positive or false negative results observed in validation studies. AOAC Performance Tested MethodsSM Program was utilized for verification of assay performance.

Target Matrices Approvals
Environmental surfaces*, milk, hot dogs, deli meats, fish, nut butters, confectionary products, spices, whey protein powder, poultry carcass rinsates. Also available: Veriflow Salmonella spice, and Veriflow Salmonella peanut butter Performance Tested AOAC Research Institute License
Environmental surfaces*, milk, hot dogs, deli meats, fish, confectionary products. Also available:  Veriflow Listeria confectionary Performance Tested AOAC Research Institute License
Environmental surfaces*, milk, hot dogs, deli meats, candies Performance Tested AOAC Research Institute License
Poultry carcass rinsates Performance Tested AOAC Research Institute License
Ground beef, beef trim, leafy greens, milk Performance Tested AOAC Research Institute License
Validated in raw meats, whey protein powder and spinach Performance Tested AOAC Research Institute License
Soft drinks, sodas, environmental surfaces* Validated by independent producers and labs.
Fruit juices, juice concentrates, juice blends Validated by independent producers and labs.

* Including stainless steel, sealed concrete, plastic and ceramic tile.

Delivering the highest degree of confidence for a wide variety of producers

The Veriflow system has been validated in a broad range of food production and testing facilities in the US and around the globe. The technology has been implemented in quality control processes to enable early action at critical control points and increase manufacturers’ confidence in product quality and brand integrity.