Aspergillus testing you can count on from an industry leader.

Simple, easy to use, and robust – the GENE-UP® Aspergillus PRO Screening and Upfront Speciation Kit comes from one of the most respected microbiological diagnostics companies in the world.

Uniquely designed for higher accuracy with minimal sample prep, our patented VERIPRO® assay helps your lab streamline Aspergillus testing, increase overall efficiency, and maintain a higher degree of regulatory compliance.

  • streamlined workflow Streamlined
    • Minimal sample prep eliminates the need for robotics
    • No secondary enrichment step
    • No immunomagnetic separation required
  • upfront speciation Upfront Speciation
    • 5-channel assay
    • Upfront speciation of Aspergillus flavus, niger, fumigatus, and terreus
    • Superior specificity
  • high/low throughput High/Low Throughput
    • Run 1 sample, or up to 96 at one time
    • Full integration with most LIMS systems
  • unparalleled service Unparalleled Service
    • The bioMérieux team has decades of experience to assist you-from field based Cannabis Segment Specialists and Field Service Engineers to remote based Scientific Affairs and Technical Support.
  • enrichment compatibility across matrices Enrichment
    across Matrices
    • 24 or 48 hour single-step enrichment protocols
    • Compatible with cannabis and hemp matrices
    • One protocol for all matrices
  • easily interpreted results Easily Interpreted
    • No melt curve interpretation
    • Complex algorithms eliminated
    • Objective, repeatable results
  • open platform Open Platform
    • Other AOAC approved assays also available, including Salmonella, STEC, Listeria, and more
    • Robust R&D resources to meet the industry’s evolving needs

Game-Changing Workflow

Sample Prep: < 5 min hands-on time * 48-hour Aspergillus protocol

  • cannabis microbial testing

    Enrich 1 gram matrix in 15ml mPDB

  • cannabis bacteria detection

    Transfer 500 μl to 1.5ml tube

  • Digest Tube

    Add 100 μL of sample to tube containing 100 μl of Buffer G

  • cannabis pcr test kit

    Add 50 μL to DIGEST tube, place tube in cycler and run DIGEST program (40 min)

  • aspergillus pcr test kit

    Add 5 μL to PCR tube, place tube in cycler and run Aspergillus program (2 hr)

  • cannabis lab testing with GENE-UP


Order information: Item IS1086 GENE-UP Aspergillus PRO KIT 24 tests

Kit includes: Assays & Reagents. PDB not included in Kit.

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