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Preserve the value of your wine

Managing spoilage organisms proactively through onsite analysis at the winery

vinoPAL is game-changing detection technology than brings affordable, onsite PCR testing to your winery. vinoPAL makes it possible to obtain accurate information about the presence and level of Pediococcus and Lactobacillus at any time, but especially during harvest. These microbes can quickly multiple and cause problems in a matter of days. Early detection is critical - allowing for early management of the situation to assure the wine develops as intended.

Lactic acid bacteria are often leading to Lactobacillus can also be responsible for the production of high levels of acetic acid, diacetyl, and mousy flavors, while Pediococcus is known to produce biogenic amines and polysaccharides that cause ropiness in wine. These microbes have the ability to quickly multiply and cause problems in a matter of days. The threat is particularly concerning in high-risk wines at elevated pH levels. Rapid identification of lactic acid bacteria with vinoPAL during malolactic fermentation will allow winemakers to take immediate corrective action.

Invisible Sentinel’s wine quality products are powered by Veriflow® - a game-changing platform technology that combines proven diagnostic principles for microbial detection and innovative, first-in-class scientific approaches. Veriflow technology offers unparalleled performance with no compromise in ease-of-use or affordability.

The Veriflow system is comprised of a small customized thermocycler, pre-aliquoted PCR reagent tubes, and proprietary buffers. Semi-quantitative test results are obtained in less than 3 hours via hand-held cassette, and quantitative results can be tracked, stored, and exported via the Veriflow Reader.

Early detection at low levels

Using vinoPAL, winemakers identify the presence of Pediococcus and Lactobacillus before these organisms can lead to sluggish or stuck fermentation or impact the quality of the wine. Juice and young wines that have not received SO2 additions or finished malolactic fermentation are especially vulnerable, and warm temperatures can boost the chances of unwanted microbes settling in and impacting wine quality.

  • Robust detection even in juice or young wines
  • Allows winemakers to pursue targeted use of a reduction in cold soak or additive enzymes to ensure proper fermentation
  • Identify at-risk lots to isolate and prevent cross-contamination

Speed, accuracy and sensitivity

Veriflow technology is AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection. vinoPAL was developed specifically for wine makers and has been validated and implemented by a variety of award-winning, quality-centric wineries around the world.

  • Not affected by phenolic compounds or other inhibitors that may be present in the early stages of winemaking.
  • Accurate, sensitive and specific to 13 Lactobacillus species known to be present in wine
  • Accurate, sensitive and specific to 3 Pediococcus species known to be present in wine

Simple and cost-efficient deployment

vinoPAL is ideally suited for use in the winery – with a modest capital investment and affordable per-test cost. Sample collection and prep is simple, and can be completed by enologists and winemakers with minimal training.

  • The system quantifies viable Pediococcus and Lactobacillus populations in less than 3 hours
  • Requires only minutes of hands-on time to perform the test

Benefits of using vinoPAL

“Identifying the presence of Lactobacillus as soon as possible is a critical concern for me. This organism can multiply rapidly, and before you know it the fermentation can become sluggish, with possibility of high volatile acidity being formed. Early detection with vinoPAL will allow us to intervene quickly and prevent the loss of wine quality.”

Eric Baugher 
Vice President of Winemaking, Ridge Vineyards


Collect sample in a conical tube and centrifuge. Resuspend sample using provided proprietary Buffer A.

winery lab testing


Transfer 5μl of resuspended sample into provided PCR reagent tube. Place tube into Thermocycler and run program.

wine pcr testing


Remove PCR reagent tube from Veriflow Thermocycler and add proprietary Buffer B. Dispense contents of tube onto test cassette window. Wait 3 minutes and retract test cassette switch to reveal test results. One line indicates negative result, two lines indicates semi-quantitative positive results.

wine bacteria test

Veriflow DNA Signature Capturing Technology

DNA Amplification Proprietary reagents eliminate need for sample purification
DNA Identification Proprietary DNA signature detection specifically targeting Lactobacillus and Pediococcus
Visualization of Results Vertical flow mediated visualization of results for easy interpretation via hand-held cassette
Sample Preparation No enrichment or purification steps required
Certification AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection
Current Utilization Food and juice manufacturers, premium wineries, craft breweries; global 3rd party testing labs; U.S. and international

vinoPAL Performance Specifications

Sensitivity (LOD) 10-100 cfu/mL
Time to Results < 3 hours
Matrix Compatibility Wine, colony PCR, enrichment broth
Assay Configuration Qualitative and quantitative
Target Selection Ribosomal Deoxyribonucleic Acid (rDNA) gene
Specificity Lactobacillus species:
L. fructivorans, L. backii, L. brevis, L. buchneri, L. hilgardii, L. kunkeei, L. lindneri, L. mali, L. nagelii, L. oeni, L. paracollinoides, L. rhamnosus, L. vini
Pediococcus species:
P. damnosus, P. inopinatus, P. pentosaceus