Game-changing molecular solutions platforms

For over a decade, Invisible Sentinel has been committed to providing game-changing technologies for microbial detection for the food and beverage industries. The inception of our technology began with a goal of revolutionizing molecular diagnostics. Although many PCR-based testing methods have been around for decades, most are dated and have inherent issues. Existing rapid methods were both complex and expensive or had limitations regarding sensitivity and accuracy.

Our core technology, Veriflow, was engineered to improve the user experience while dramatically reducing the capital and operational costs associated with existing PCR technologies. It was also designed with a comprehensive set of features to meet the diverse needs of end-users in a variety of industries. Veriflow utilizes DNA Signature Capturing Technology, which provides unmatched specificity and unrivaled sensitivity with zero compromises on ease of use in the production environment. Veripro – our latest innovative platform - incorporates key elements of our core technology, Veriflow, and is compatible with RT-PCR systems to enable multiplexed assays, high throughput analyses, and risk-based assessment.


Veriflow - the science in our core technology

Our technology platform utilizes proven scientific principles for microbial detection combined with new proprietary scientific approaches to achieve optimal performance. The result is a technology platform featuring DNA Signature Capturing technology - a novel method for DNA amplification and identification coupled with a simple, unencumbered workflow from sample collection through data interpretation.

Schematic Diagram of the Veriflow Technology



DNA Extraction-free Method
DNA Extraction-free Method


DNA Amplification
DNA Amplification


Visualization of Results
Visualization of Results

1. DNA Extraction-free Method

The process starts with target DNA amplification, where proprietary enzymes multiple the DNA target sequence to detectable levels. Veriflow uses a unique, proprietary approach to DNA amplification that overcomesinterference from inhibitors, even in the most challenging matrices. Veriflow’s proprietary enzymes and inhibitor sequestration technologies eliminate the need for sample purification or DNA extraction, thereby significantly reducing the complexity of sample prep. This improvement in workflow and robustness provides valuable end-user benefits.

2. DNA Amplification

We also reinvented the target DNA detection step. Traditional optical detection has several drawbacks including the requirement to “cleanup” samples to avoid interference with sensors. Unlike traditional PCR-based rapid systems, our platforms do not use optical sensors. Instead, the use of a unique DNA signature detection system allows Veriflow to capture amplified DNA on an easy-to-interpret, handheld cassette. The target DNA binds to the test line on the cassette to allow for clear, concise results.

3. Visualization of Results

The last critical advancement was the development a robust and viable vertical-flow approach for visualization of results. Veriflow enables DNA to flow through a set of capillaries to achieve final detection and visualization of the results in a handheld cassette. This approach, combined with modifications to both the physics and materials that mediate flow, enables the intact DNA to successfully bind to test line in under 3 minutes. This feature of the vertical flow technology enables near-instant results and significantly reduces back flow, two limitations associated with traditional lateral flow technology.

Veriflow - robust and user-friendly for onsite testing

The system is robust and accurate, minimizes sample preparation, delivers rapid actionable results, and provides easy-to-interpret data for the end user. Unlike traditional microbial testing methods with multi-step enrichment processes, cumbersome sample preparation, long turn-around times - Veriflow results are ready in hours, not days. The system can handle the complexities of challenging matrices, and deliver specific, actionable, and accurate results every time.

Uniquely designed for easy, practical use, Invisible Sentinel’s proprietary technology represents a new standard for rigorous quality control. This technology enables early action at critical control points to increase confidence in product quality and brand integrity.

Key user benefits of the Veriflow platform


Exceptional accuracy

DNA Signature Capturing Technology eliminates the risk of interference from inhibitors, which may be present in the sample, delivering highly sensitive and accurate results in hundreds of challenging matrices.


Simplified workflow

The Veriflow system is easily deployed onsite, with less than 30 minutes of hands-on time per sample. Test results are easily interpreted on a simple, handheld disposable cassette, eliminating the need for software algorithms and complex optical equipment for data interpretation. Existing staff can be easily trained to use the system onsite.


Rapid results

Veriflow delivers the fastest time to results in the market. Timely onsite detection allows food, beer and wine producers to identify problems early, take corrective action, and prevent widespread contamination. Rapid results can result in reduced hold times and eliminate the need to ship product at risk.



Capital equipment requirements for the system are modest. The system uses a compact tabletop thermocycler, along with standard equipment already in place in most quality labs such as micro-pipettes, and a centrifuge (for wine and beer assays) or heating block (for food safety assays).

beer testing equipment
Veriflow DNA Signature Capturing Technology
DNA Amplification Proprietary reagents eliminate need for sample purification
DNA Identification Proprietary DNA signature detection specifically identifies target organisms
Sample Preparation Streamlined or no enrichment, depending on the assay
No purification steps required
Visualization of Results Proprietary vertical flow mediated visualization of results for easy interpretation

Invisible Sentinel technology is protected by one or more of the following U.S. patents: #8,012,770, #8,183,059, #8,476,082, #9,341,624, and #9,347,938.


Veripro – the science behind our latest innovative platform

Invisible Sentinel’s continued focus on innovation led to the development of a new Real-Time (RT) PCR technology platform, Veripro. This new platform incorporates key elements from our core technology, Veriflow, into an assay compatible with RT-PCR instruments for quality professionals. Veripro maintains the same robustness, speed to results, and ease of use of the Veriflow platform, but leverages RT-PCR’s ability to multiplex and takes advantage of the platform’s capacity for high throughput analyses.

Veripro features a multiplexed configuration that can simultaneously detect multiple genetic targets in a single, pre-aliquoted tube. Results can be monitored in real-time to detect the presence and relative abundance of contaminants. A simplified data analysis approach enables clear interpretation of results, including spoilage potential where applicable, to empower rapid and effective quality decisions.

Veripro – unique risk-based information to improve quality decisions

The system is robust and accurate, minimizes sample preparation, and delivers rapid results – and at the same time takes microbial testing analytics to a new level. Veripro’s scientific approach provides unique information regarding presence of the target organism as well as information regarding spoilage risk.

With this comprehensive information on spoilage potential, producers can make more accurate decisions, and remediation activities can be tailored – improving overall quality and operational efficiencies. This unique information empowers quality teams to make real-time decisions about their processes by providing data on the specific nature of the organism in their facility at critical control points throughout the process.

Key user benefits of the Veripro platform

Exceptional accuracy

Veripro utilizes key elements of our core technology, Veriflow, which have proven unsurpassed sensitivity and accuracy. These core elements enable DNA detection without interference from inhibitors, and the multiplexed configuration provides the ability to analyze multiple gene targets in a single assay.

Simplified workflow

There are several factors that influence the ease of use of the Veripro system. The system requires minimal sample preparation, eliminates the need for multi-step enrichment, and uses pre-aliquotted reagent tubes to minimize hands-on time. The use of multiplexing and streamlined workflow allow for multiple targets to be assessed at the same time and is conducive to the rapid processing of large numbers of samples. Training time for staff is minimal. Because Veripro is compatible with existing RT-PCR instrumentation, the system readily integrates into existing quality laboratory settings.

Rapid results

Veripro delivers real-time time results to the end-user. Unlike traditional RT-PCR methodologies, Veripro eliminates extensive sample prep and cumbersome workflows, significantly enhancing both efficiency and the speed to results. Timely onsite detection allows quality managers to identify problems early, take corrective action, and prevent widespread contamination.

Risk-based assessment

Multiplexing combined with risk-based analytics provided by the Veripro system allow quality professionals to make more accurate decisions, and remediation activities can be tailored – improving overall product quality and operational efficiencies.