Safeguard your facility with rapid SARS-CoV-2 environmental testing

Get results in just two hours with GENE-UP®

Environmental testing for SARS-CoV-2 helps protect your employees, your customers, and the overall public health in your community. With rapid results from GENE-UP, you can better understand the risk of SARS-CoV-2 at your facility and improve every aspect of your decision-making. Evaluate sanitation effectiveness, identify areas of concern, improve your disinfecting protocols, and fine-tune your overall risk-management strategy.


Rapid, accurate environmental testing with GENE-UP® + VERIPRO®

  • Simple, fast sample prep with specialized swabs and collection buffer
  • Test between 1 and 96 samples per run
  • Under two hours from sample to result
  • Specialized swabs and collection buffer selected for ability to inactivate virus and preserve RNA for up to 60 days at room temperature enabling safe transport and ensuring lab worker safety
  • Will not affect supply levels of important clinical COVID-19 testing resources


Sensitivity (LOD) 5-10 genomic copies
Time to Results < 1.5 hours from sample collection (RNA extraction not required)
Matrix Compatibility Synthetic environmental swabs
Assay Configuration Dual-target, single channel
Target Selection N1 Region of Nucleocaspid Gene, N2 Region of Nucleocaspid Gene
Specificity SARS-CoV-2; Does not interact with other Corona viruses