Ensure the safety of your products with rapid and robust contract microbial testing services

The Invisible Sentinel Laboratory Services advantage

Invisible Sentinel Laboratory Services, conducted in our ISO and A2LA (Certificate No. 3828.01) accredited lab, can streamline quality monitoring for food and beverage processors across a wide range of products. Our proprietary AOAC certified molecular testing methods have been adopted by global food and beverage processors to improve accuracy and drive down testing costs. The Veriflow system, using our proprietary DNA Signature Capturing Technology, allows for unsurpassed rapid turn-around time. Our Laboratory Services clients benefit from rapid, accurate, cost-effective and actionable test results – to find issues early, take corrective action and prevent large-scale contamination.

Assurance of quality

Our expertise in molecular science and detection technology, supported by a robust quality monitoring and audit process, assure that our clients receive accurate test results every time. Testing services are performed in our dedicated A2LA (Certificate No. 3828.01) accredited lab, in which we adhere to strict operating procedures, technician training, equipment calibration, and environmental monitoring.

Unmatched specificity and sensitivity of the Veriflow platform

  • Broad inclusivity with 100% detection rate demonstrated in AOAC validation, internal studies, and partner customer validation studies
  • Correctly excludes non-applicable strains
  • Target amplification of specific gene markers in each assay
  • Robust detection in both simple and challenging matrices such as nutraceuticals, poultry carcass rinsates, nut butters, confectionary, juices, and beer and wine

Invisible Sentinel Laboratory Services - range of testing services available

Invisible Sentinel’s Scope of Accreditation extends to a broad number of test methods and target analytics.

Food/Beverage safety and quality testing services

Turn-around time to results is NEXT DAY from sample receipt using Veriflow DNA Signature Capturing technology test methods. Sample size includes 25, 125, or 375 gram product samples, as well as environmental swabs.


Salmonella speciesAOAC 011404
Listeria monocytogenesAOAC 051304
Listeria speciesAOAC 121302
CampylobacterAOAC 101201
E.coli O157:H7AOAC 121401
Listeria confectionaryAOAC 051304
Salmonella peanut butterAOAC 011404
Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coliAOAC 111601
Salmonella spiceAOAC 011404


AssayTarget Organism
vinoBRETTBrettanomyces bruxellensis
vinoPALPediococcus and Lactobacillus
brewPALPediococcus and Lactobacillus
brewDEKBrettanomyces/ Dekkera species:
B. bruxellensis, B. anomala,
B. naardenensis, B. custersiana
brewBRUXBrettanomyces/ Dekkera bruxellensis
brewMAPMegasphaera and Pectinatus
brewLAPPediococcus and Lactobacillus
AlicyclobacillusAlicyclobacillus species

General laboratory tests


TypeTarget OrganismLicense/Reference MethodTurn Around
Aerobic Plate CountAerobic bacteriaOMA #2015.132 days
Yeast and MoldYeast and Mold coloniesOMA #2014.053 days
Total ColiformE.coli and coliform bacteriaOMA #991.142 days
Total EnterobacteriaceaEnterobacter speciesAOAC 0306012 days
Staphylococcus aureusStaphylococcus aureusOMA #2003.072 days

Confirmatory testing


Target OrganismLicense/Reference MethodTurn Around
Listeria speciesBAM, Chapter 10; FSIS MLG 8 On-line (modified)5-7 days
Listeria monocytogenesBAM, Chapter 10; FSIS MLG 8 On-line (modified)7-10 days
Salmonella speciesBAM, Chapter 5; FSIS MLG 4 Table-B On-line (modified)7-10 days
Campylobacter speciesFSIS MLG 41 On-line (modified)5-6 days

Swabs and other sampling supplies are also available from Invisible Sentinel.
Local courier service (greater Philadelphia) available on request.

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