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A suite of solutions to help you ensure beverage flavor.

High acid beverages require an uncompromising approach to quality control. Spoilage organisms can be difficult and time-consuming to detect with traditional indicator testing, resulting in delayed product release or potentially spoiling your brand reputation.

bioMérieux can help. From in-process testing that helps pinpoint and address early deviations to finished-good testing that ensures product quality, we’ll work with you to eliminate bottlenecks, boost productivity, and unlock value in your facility.

Faster Lab Results

Ensure Your Process Control from Ingredients to the Bottle with GENE-UP®

GENE-UP offers real-time PCR with a wide range of detection kits and solutions to help you make rapid, accurate, and informed decisions. Through the Predictive Diagnostics Innovation Center, extensive collaborative research, evaluating the microbiome of over a thousand high-acid beverage samples has been completed resulting in the understanding of true spoilage organisms that can affect your products.

GENE-UP PRO® Beverage

Multiplex PCR targets six bacteria groups and four yeast groups with results in less than 4 hours for bacteria, and yeast results in 48 hours.

simple streamlined profitable


With one single test, simultaneously screen raw ingredients and finished product for Alicyclobacillus spp. and guaiacol production.

predictive rapid & accurate sustainable

Confirm the Quality of Your Aseptic Beverage in Faster Time with BACT/ALERT® 3D & CHEMUNEX

BACT/ALERT’s sensitivity enables better productivity, faster product release, and significant cost savings. Engineered for automated, objective, and high-throughput microbial detection, BACT/ALERT is a versatile solution that can be customized to meet nearly any facility’s needs.

  • modularMODULAR
    Grows with your facility's increasing demands
  • real-timeREAL-TIME RESULTS
    Reduce quarantine times and make quick decisions
  • traceable dataTRACEABLE DATA
    Record and recall detailed data at every stage

Learn more about BACT/ALERT® 3D


CHEMUNEX is engineered for automated, high-throughput microbial detection to help you reliably deliver safe, high-quality products to market faster. Two different automation settings on the D-COUNT® 25/50 system allow analyzing either 25 or 50 samples per hour for cost-effective batch testing.

    Eliminates human error and requires no interpretation
    Fluorescent labeling and detection technology
  • traceable dataTRACEABLE DATA
    Record and recall detailed data at every stage

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