Aspergillus Ventures in the Cannabis and Hemp Industries and Beyond

July 6, 2020  •  Media / Article

Once a budding industry, now the winds of change have pollinated it to new areas. The legalization of cannabis in many states in the US, and countries around the world, has created a new market place for rapid microbial detection methods in the cannabis matrix. Yet, no federal regulation exists in the US, leaving each state to do its' own risk assessment and regulation.

Getting a foothold in this market requires developing assays that stand out from the rest, that are faster without compromising on accuracy, and comply with state regulations.

In this rapidmicrobiology interview with Ben Pascal, Chief Business Officer at Invisible Sentinel and Maria McIntyre, Business Development Manager in Plant Agriculture at bioMérieux, we discuss common misconceptions on Aspergillus testing, the Invisible Sentinel/bioMérieux's GENE-UP Aspergillus PRO assay's disruptive technology and how an ear to the ground in this industry will keep you one step ahead.

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