Invisible Sentinel further empowers brewing quality with launch of innovative real-time PCR assay, brewPRO

November 16, 2017  •  Press Release

brewPRO is the first assay for Invisible Sentinel’s new molecular detection platform, Veripro, featuring superior ease of use, multiplexing and high throughput analyses

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Invisible Sentinel Inc., a Philadelphia-based global molecular solutions company announces commercialization of its real-time PCR platform, Veripro, and the first assay available on the platform, brewPRO for the detection of Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. brewPRO is a comprehensive, risk management detection system for beer spoiling Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. brewPRO was recently unveiled at the Master Brewers Association of Americas conference in Atlanta. The product launch follows the successful development of this groundbreaking technology for the brewing industry, and marks the evolution of the Company’s brewing product portfolio which was launched in April 2015 with brewPAL. Invisible Sentinel’s portfolio of detection tools is now utilized by more than 250 breweries worldwide. 

The brewing industry has grown exponentially over the past decade with new entrants crowding the market. Today more than ever, quality management has become a critical differentiator. The need for accurate, actionable information during production and post-packaging is essential to maintaining quality and effective brand management. 

Invisible Sentinel’s dedication to the brewery industry’s needs and its continued focus on innovation led to the development of a new real-time PCR technology platform, Veripro. This new platform incorporates key elements from our core system, Veriflow, into an assay compatible with real-time PCR instruments for the ultimate user experience. Veripro is an open, real-time PCR platform that maintains the same robustness, speed to results, and ease of use of the Veriflow platform, but leverages real-time PCR’s ability to multiplex and takes advantage of its capacity for high throughput analyses. 

“Our brewing partners highly value the features of our current Veriflow technology including the simple workflow, sensitivity, and accuracy.  Some were seeking these advantages in a higher throughput, multiplexed platform utilizing real-time PCR systems. Veripro was developed, validated, and commercialized in direct response to their needs,” said Nick Siciliano, Ph.D., Invisible Sentinel’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. 

The first of the Veripro assays, brewPRO for Lactobacillus and Pediococcus, provides risk-based detection and characterization while maintaining the ease of use and cost effectiveness required by modern breweries. The system is capable of analyzing raw materials, in-process beer, and finished beer, and has been validated for both non-enriched and enriched samples. This provides brewers with the ability to test at any point during the production process and offers them the flexibility to choose the sample preparation protocol that best suits their needs. “The feedback from our various validation partners has been tremendous, and we’re excited to provide brewers with a new tool to make the best beer possible,” Dr. Siciliano added. “These product offerings further demonstrate our commitment to innovation while supporting our mission to protect the brand reputation and quality of our brewery partners’ products in an ever-increasing competitive market. We expect widespread adoption of this technology by both macro and craft brewers alike.”

Veripro and brewPRO are available directly from Invisible Sentinel. For information or ordering, please email us at or call the Invisible Sentinel customer service team at 215-966-6118.

About Invisible Sentinel

Invisible Sentinel, Inc., a global molecular solutions company based in Philadelphia, PA, is dedicated to providing first-in-class microbial detection tools. The company’s platform technologies, Veriflow® & Veripro, are patent protected, molecular based technologies that integrate molecular diagnostics, antibody and probe design, and immunoassays. Veriflow® technology is currently applied across multiple industries including food safety and beverage quality. The company is exploring solutions in other industries, such as healthcare, veterinary services, biodefense, and environmental testing. Each solution requires specific design elements, but retains the inherent advantages of our technology: simplicity, accessibility, and affordability. For more information, visit 

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