Invisible Sentinel to present results of an environmental study of Veriflow® Campy Q assay in poultry processing at the International Association of Food Protection Conference

July 9, 2017  •  Media / Article

Invisible Sentinel will be presenting at the 2017 International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) Conference in Tampa, Florida, from July 9th through July 12th. Invisible Sentinel will present a poster summarizing the resuts from an environmental study utilizing a newly developed Veriflow DNA Signature Capture assay platform for the rapid detection of Campylobacter species from boot swab samples. The Veriflow Campy Q assay allows for same-day results in under 3 hours from sample processing, circumventing the need for enrichment or culture based methods.

143 boot swabs collected from broiler houses were assessed for total Campylobacter burden prior to live-haul, utilizing this method. 35% of all turkey grow house sample and 33% of chicken grow house samples were positive. Positive results were clustered at specific ranch houses, allowing for iedntifcation of locations with relatively high levels of low levels of Campylobacter burden. Results indicate that Veriflow Campy Q platform can provide rapid information regarding contamination levels from boot swabs, enabling site-specific assessment of relative flock contamination levels and empower production teams to identify and mitigate the risk of cross-contamination prior to processing.

View the Same Day Quantification of Campylobacter from Boot Swabs poster here.

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