Cost-effective equipment makes onsite testing accessible

Veriflow Thermocycler

The Veriflow Thermocycler is the engine that runs our proprietary DNA Signature Capturing Technology. The portfolio of Veriflow assays for rapid onsite microbial detection are optimized to run on the Veriflow Thermocycler. The Thermocycler meets the highest criteria in thermal performance at twice the speed and half the size of other thermocyclers. This is achieved using novel technical advances that allow significant reduction in PCR run times and overall size of the instrument.

The Veriflow Thermocycler user interface has a large LCD color touch screen for simple start-up and quick checks of run status at the bench. This benchtop device can run up to 96 samples of different test types concurrently to streamline testing time in high-volume production facilities. Laboratory or other facility staff can be easily trained to operate the Thermocycler, with one-touch operation and pre-installed DNA amplification programs for each specific assay. The technology is easily deployed onsite allowing you to rapidly identify microbial risks and take corrective action.

thermocycler - beer testing equipment


  • Compact equipment footprint suitable for any size lab space
  • User-friendly 8 inch color touch screen interface
  • Data port for simple data backup or program updates
  • 96 sample capacity
  • Three independent temperature zones to run multiple programs simultaneously
  • Network enabled, with app to follow cycle progress from mobile devices


  • Low cost capital equipment for affordable, robust onsite molecular testing
  • No maintenance or service contract required
  • Easy for existing staff to use - no need for highly trained professionals
  • Minimal training time required to learn the system

The Veriflow Thermocycler is designed to fit every lab’s workflow

veriflow - food testing instruments

Veriflow technology is proven to provide rapid, accurate, actionable detection of pathogen and spoilage organisms – with no compromise on ease of use and affordability. The high-capacity Veriflow Thermocycler has multiple heating blocks and can run several targets simultaneously to streamline testing workflow in your food quality assurance lab.

brewPAL - beer testing instruments

DNA Signature Capturing technology using the Veriflow Thermocycler enables rapid onsite detection of beer spoilage organisms in under 3 hours. The system offers proven accuracy, unmatched ease of use and quantitative testing data – providing actionable results that enable you to optimize your quality processes in your brewery.

vinoBRETT - wine testing instruments

Onsite detection of Brettanomyces uses the Veriflow Thermocycler to make PCR testing affordable and easy to implement at the winery. The system requires minimal capital investment, and using the system requires little hands-on time and no complex sample preparation.

Veriflow Reader

The Veriflow Reader provides fully quantitative analysis of targeted microbes in various matrices including food, food components, juices, wine, beer and environmental swabs. Utilizing a built-in QR code scanner, the Reader displays quantitative results from test cassettes used with the Veriflow food protection assays, as well as the vinoBRETT and brewPAL suites of tests. Instant display of specific cell counts provides exact quantification to remove subjectivity or interpretive variability from your quality analysis.

The Reader features data storage and export functionality for tracking, reporting, and trending of test results. Data management capabilities enable quality managers to track the presence and changing levels of organisms over time, by source, by lot, or by location in the facility – all in an effort to isolate sources of contamination and proactively respond to levels exceeding quality targets.

veriflow reader - beer testing equipment


  • Instantaneous quantitative test results (cells/ml)
  • Limit of detection to < 10 cells/ml
  • Simple, intuitive and user-friendly touch screen
  • Data storage for immediate or delayed export


  • Removes subjectivity from results interpretation
  • Precise analysis of cell counts in each sample
  • Enables rapid remediation dependent on level of contamination
  • Establish baseline data and trend analysis

Using the Veriflow Reader for enhanced quality management

vinoBRETT - wine testing technology

Managing Brettanomyces to preserve wine quality and value

Early detection of the presence of Brettanomyces in a specific lot of wine enables winemakers to isolate and manage the threat with less intrusive methods. The Veriflow Reader allows winemakers to track specific cell counts of Brett levels in a specific lot over the course of months and stages of winemaking.

brewPAL - beer testing technology

Precise identification of beer spoilers

Quantification of Pediococcus or Lactobacillus in beer samples at critical control points enables appropriate interventions depending on the stage of brewing, physical location in the brewery, and the level of contamination detected. The Reader ensures consistent results interpretation by all quality personnel for standardization of remediation protocols.

brewBRUX - beer testing technology

Monitor Brett for consistent levels when desired

Some of today’s artisan brewers are intentionally using Brettanomyces bruxellensis to add unique characteristics to their brands. Using the Veriflow Reader allows quality managers to confirm specific, consistent levels of wild yeast in beers that are intentionally inoculated while monitoring for cross-contamination in others.

Available equipment to support onsite implementation

ISTC002 Veriflow Thermocycler (with all power cords)
ISRD001 Veriflow Reader
IS100WA Heating Block (US - 120 Volt)
IS100WA230 Heating Block (European - 230 Volt)
IS100WB120 Centrifuge (US - 120 Volt)
IS100WB230 Centrifuge (European - 230 Volt)
IS100WC Incubator
IS0904 Plastic Loading Tray
ISTC003 IS LED Photolysis Device
ISEV005 Pipette, 0.5 to 10 ul
ISEV006 Pipette, 20 to 200 ul
ISEV007 Pipette, 100 to 1000 ul
ISEV028 Pipette, 2 to 20 ul
IS100WD Pipette Starter Kit and Tips