Custom microbial detection solutions made accessible and affordable

The Invisible Sentinel Custom Solutions advantage

Assay development can be tedious, labor intensive, and costly. Invisible Sentinel offers state-of-the-art technical development services to provide our clients with customized assays for our proprietary Veriflow technology platform. Our cost-effective, accelerated, and streamlined development program supports the unique and specialized requirements of our clients.

Veriflow technology platform

Invisible Sentinel’s DNA Signature Capturing Technology is the proprietary combination of buffers, reagents and enzymes that enable DNA amplification and identification of target organism DNA without the need for sample purification. This combination of elements eliminates the risk of interference from inhibitors which may be present in the sample, delivering highly sensitive and accurate results in dozens of challenging matrices. The Veriflow system is easily deployed onsite, with less than 30 minutes of hands-on time per sample. Timely onsite detection allows food, beer and wine producers to identify problems early, take corrective action, and prevent wide-spread contamination.

Custom Solutions assay development process

Our goal is to work with our clients to develop robust and accurate testing solutions with unmatched specificity and unrivaled sensitivity. Our robust Veriflow technology is adaptable for a wide range of target organisms, and performs at the highest standards even in the most challenging matrices, so our clients are assured that tailored solutions will meet their precise quality standards.



An Invisible Sentinel Assay Development Specialist will work closely with you to assess your technical needs and assay performance criteria.



A tailored proposal encompassing the project design, development cost, end point performance parameters, and delivery specifications will be presented for your approval.



We provide consistent feedback during the course of our in-depth 6-part assay development program to ensure the client’s technical specifications are met.



Upon validation, Invisible Sentinel will transfer the assay to manufacturing and supply kits to the client as agreed upon.