Invisible Sentinel, a bioMérieux company

In 2019, bioMérieux, a global player in in vitro diagnostics and world leader in food microbiology testing, announced the acquisition of Invisible Sentinel. The company manufactures and markets innovative and usre-friendly molecular diagnostic tools for the rapid, accurate and reliable detection of pathogens and spoilage organisms in food and beverage products.

Innovation is our passion

The team at Invisible Sentinel prides itself on being innovators and problem solvers first and foremost. We set out to create the most robust and accessible microbial detection platform for industrial applications. We tackled the barriers that exist with traditional platforms and we developed a solution from the bottom-up to make rapid detection of pathogens and spoilage organisms more accurate, more reliable, and easier to use. We created a detection technology that can handle the complexities of challenging matrices, and deliver specific, actionable, and accurate results every time.


Vision and corporate mission statement

Our vision is to transform molecular detection by delivering highly accurate and practical tools into the hands of quality professionals. We are passionate about innovation and continually seek to develop solutions that protect the quality of our customer’s products while enhancing operating efficiencies. Our mission is to develop next-generation molecular technologies that transcend current limitations in order to strengthen the safety and quality of the global consumables supply.

Advancing the field of molecular diagnostics

We continue to move the bar in delivering solutions that improve the safety and quality of our customers’ products. We introduced the industry’s first three- and four-hour bacteria and yeast spoilage organism assays. In addition to speed, our assays also deliver superior robustness. Our food safety tests have become the solution of choice for difficult-to-test matrices, and we have reduced false-positive rates for these food groups by up to 20 fold. We take a scientific approach to each solution we develop and stand behind every performance claim we make - with references and data - to continuously earn the confidence of end-users and the consumers they aim to protect.

Development partnerships in each industry

Critical to our development process are the partnerships we establish with industry leading end-users to help us understand their challenges and tailor products to meet those specific needs. Veriflow technology is currently applied across multiple industries including food safety and beverage quality. Invisible Sentinel has partnered with key opinion-leading organizations in every industry we serve to improve the current state of the art. We can also apply Veriflow and Veripro technology to challenges in other industries and have had success designing custom solutions for healthcare, veterinary services, biodefense, and environmental testing. Each solution requires specific design elements, but retains the inherent core advantages of Veriflow technology: simplicity, accessibility, and affordability.